ductless air conditioning myths

Fort Myers, FL, has such hot summers that it would be difficult to live without an AC unit. While ductless AC systems offer efficient airflow with no extra costs for ventilation, some people are still skeptical about the technology. Here are three ductless air conditioning myths that you may have heard about.

1. Ductless AC Can Only Be Used for New Homes

Since the technology is modern, there is a misconception that this method is only suited for modern houses. However, it is easy to add this technology to an older house. Since no ductwork is necessary, the installation process is more accessible and less messy than traditional AC systems.

2. It Can Be Mounted Anywhere

Even though the ductless unit is generally smaller than the standard AC system, it does not mean that this system can be installed just anywhere in your house. Several factors need to be considered on the placement of the AC unit, and all of these factors will determine the effectiveness of the AC. If the system is undersized, your room will not be adequately cooled, and if the system is oversized, it will have short cycling problems and won’t perform correctly.

3. They Can Only Supplement Cooling

It’s true that a ductless AC unit can augment a standard AC unit and serve as a supplement in cooling your room. The ductless AC, however, can also work well on its own. The ductless technology is efficient enough to cool a room and meet the temperature demands of any setting.

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