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Your pets are an integral part of your family, bringing with them companionship and love. However, they often bring unintended ramifications with them, including degrading air quality. Here are three ways your beloved pets may affect your air quality and what you can do for your Estero, FL home.

1. Extra Dander

Most pets bring with them extra dander, which floats around in your air, causing allergies and clogging your air filters. You’ll want to check your filters regularly and may need to change them more often than typically recommended.

2. The Odors

Animals are full of odors in addition to the dander. While many people turn to air fresheners and candles to help manage these, they also negatively impact your indoor air.

3. Dust & Dirt

Animals also bring with them new forms of dust and dirt. They may bring it in from outside, or it may come from something like a litter box. Regardless of the source, it adds airborne contaminants to your air that need removing.

Tips for Improving Air Quality

There are several steps you can take to help improve your indoor air quality. The first is to change your air filters. Most experts recommend changing them about once every three months.

You should also plan for your seasonal HVAC maintenance in the spring and fall. During these visits, your technician will clean the evaporator coil or heat exchanger, along with the circulating fan.

Your ducts need periodic cleaning as well. Your pet’s hair and dander will work their way down through your vents, collecting in your ducts.

Finally, consider adding air purification to your HVAC system. Not only do these systems add extra filtering, but the right system will also neutralize odors, including pet odors.

Don’t let your pets affect your air quality this summer. Call to schedule your indoor air quality consultation with one of the specialists at Certified Heating and Cooling today.

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